United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County


United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County is one of more than 80 autonomous United Ways across Canada. Funds raised locally stay in Windsor- Essex to support vital programs and services. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County is part of a national Movement with similar priorities.

Most people know United Way as an organization that raises funds to support the community. What many people may not realize is that:

  • United Way takes funds raised in Windsor Essex and invests them locally to support critical needs in the community.

  • United Way brings people and community partners together to create “made-in-Windsor-Essex” solutions which improve local community conditions, and make Windsor-Essex an even better place to live and raise a family.

  • United Way is committed to engaging residents, businesses, labour, and other community stakeholders to understand community priorities and to guide its investment decisions.

  • United Way has expertise about community needs, based on research, analysis, and connections to a wide network of community organizations, government, and other funders.  We are a “think tank” for developing innovative approaches to create positive lasting change in the community.

  • United Way works closely with its partners to help build the capacity of the not-for-profit sector by providing training and support, and ensuring that programs achieve the intended impact.  We also work closely with our funded partners to be responsive to changing community needs. 

United Way Canada acts as a voice for the more than 80 independent United Ways in Canada. Members pay dues for the right to use the United Way logo, name, and have access to opportunities for professional development.

United Way is embarking on a new strategy to lift children in Windsor and Essex County out of poverty and put them on a road to prosperity. This new strategy is called Cradle to Career. It’s built on the philosophy that if we provide supports to children when they are young, we can help them to succeed in school and life, and set them on a path to post-secondary education or a trade, academic achievement and a career that allows them to be self-sufficient.

In 2010, United Way changed its funding model – moving from funding “member agencies” to programs that address critical issues and meet certain criteria for improving community conditions over the long term. The criteria were established based on our research into best practices in the areas of reducing poverty, positioning kids and families for success, and creating thriving neighbourhoods. Our partners were asked to work together to improve identified community conditions, and United Way funded their collaborative efforts. United Way also moved to fund programs in five-year cycles, allowing agencies the time to improve outcomes, as opposed to continually applying for new funding each year. 


Ignite the desire in everyone to improve lives and build strong communities.


A generation from now, Windsor-Essex County is a prosperous community where all children have the ability to achieve their dreams and reach their potential.


  • INTEGRITY: We uphold the highest ethical standards. We are trustworthy, honest and respectful with our donors, volunteers, partners, residents and each other.
  • RESULTS ORIENTED: Our work has a clear purpose that is data-driven and outcome-focused. We are committed to continuous improvement to achieve our goals.
  • ADAPTIVE: To make a lasting impact on the community that we serve, we keep bold goals in the forefront, innovate and take calculated risks. We are forward-thinking with an entrepreneurial enthusiasm.
  • EQUITY: Some children, youth and families need more help than others to achieve their potential. We advocate to remove barriers in systems and address the causes of inequality in neighbourhoods that need it the most.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Open, clear and timely communications are at the forefront of our work. We are accountable to donors, partners, residents and each other.
  • INCLUSIVITY: Our work is strongest when it fully reflects the diversity of people and ideas. We will ensure that all voices are heard and considered.

Charitable Business Registration Number: 1018160334 RR0001

How to Apply for Funding

The current process for funding is under review by our Board of Directors. More information regarding our new investments process will be posted as it becomes available in 2019-20.

If you have questions, please contact Alicea Fleming, Manager of Community Development and Investments, at afleming@weareunited.com or 519-259-6174.

Unlocking Youth Potential

ProsperUs is a collective of non-profit, government, health care, education, labour, business, and inspired residents with a shared vision of a prosperous Windsor-Essex County where every young person has the opportunity and support to succeed from cradle to career. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County broadly supports the collective work of ProsperUs as the backbone organization.  


United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County
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