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Labour Programs & Services

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The mission of Labour Programs and Services is to improve lives, build relationships with labour and community, and facilitate social change by encouraging and strengthening joint work between and among the community, Labour and United Way/Centraide (UWC) Movements.

United Way’s Labour Programs staff work towards strengthening relationships between members of all three stakeholder groups.


Labour Programs and Services staff also facilitate Labour Community Advocate training to prepare workers to listen, guide, and refer their co-workers who may be struggling with an issue or simply need to know where to go for help.  The training also encourages and explores community engagement among participants.  Labour Community Advocate Level 1 Training is offered each February to April, and Level 2 Training is offered September through November.

We also provide training to the Adjustment Action Centre’s “Peer Helpers”, who are helping their co-workers transition from job loss to a new position, job training or higher education.

As a result of the success of our Labour Community Advocate Training, United Way Labour Programs staff also provide training for UNIFOR Employee and Family Assistance Representatives.

For more information, or to register for training, contact:

Laurie Green, Labour Programs & Services

Thank you to all our Labour partners for your ongoing support to United Way.

Level 1 Labour Community Advocate Training Topics

  •          Union & Communities Working Together
  •          Community Services
  •          Communication Principles
  •          Interviewing & Referral Skills
  •          Financial Issues
  •          Substance Use & Abuse
  •          Suicide Prevention
  •          Bereavement in the Workplace
  •          LCA & Equity

Level 2 Labour Community Advocate Training Topics

  •          Panel Discussions
  •          Agency Tours & Presentations
  •          211 services
  •          Activists Caring for Ourselves
  •          Services for Addictions
  •          Labour Community Advocates and the Local Union

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