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Women United is a committed group of women leaders working together to engage other women in our community. Women have a unique approach to giving and a desire to create true, lasting change. This initiative combines the benefits of a small giving circle with a trusted organization – United Way.  United Way’s research provides us with the knowledge and confidence that our efforts will enhance innovative programs and have the impact we desire.

Our mission is to mobilize the caring power of women to advance the common good in our communities.

When you join Women United you are joining a powerful network of caring and dedicated women and the most successful philanthropic effort of its kind. 

  • You will be a leader in helping the community to learn about the issues affecting women and their families and innovative programs addressing these issues. 

  • You will have the opportunity to volunteer your time and skills to projects we fund.

  • You will be invited to join in events and network with others who feel passionate about giving back to our community.

We invite you to be part of the change and ask for a contribution of $1,200 annually to United Way. Women United directly invests in United Way's On Track to Success program which is a youth empowerment program designed to increase educational attainment as a means to address generational poverty amongst youth. 

Check out some pictures from our past "Celebrating Women Who Inspire Us" luncheon

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Meet our Women United members:

Dr. Brigitte Ala Heather Awad Diletta Bello Casey
Valerie Bonasso Rachelle Booth Melissa Caschera
Lynn Charron Kristie Cronin Cathy Crowley
Annette Demers Charlene Drouillard Donna Farrow
Sharron Finn Leslie Frattaroli Mandy Furtado
Cealia Gagnon Melanie Gardin Elaine Genyn
Christine Gignac Lorraine Goddard Jennifer Gyorgy
Mary Harris Dr. Heather Hausmann Janice Kaffer
Dr. Debbie Kane Barbara Kane Patti Lauzon
Sheri Lowrie Anne McLachlan Cathy Morrison
Sandra Neposlan Lynda Pizzolitto Heather Pratt
Marnie Robillard Luciana Rosu-Sieza Diane Santing
Tammy Scarfe Soula Serra Lori Shalhoub
Kristen Siapas Vicky Smith Janice Smith
Karen Speers Karen Sportelli Dr. Andrea Steen
Karen Stopford Kathleen Sturba Michelle Suchiu
Cynthia Swift Nancy Synnott Amy Szewczuk
Marium Tolson-Murtty Nada Tremblay Anne Waters
Judy Wyllie    

If you are interested in becoming a member contact:
Lauren Nantau
Lauren headshot


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